Systems and Sensors for Automation

Call Associates, Inc. has provided sensors for automation solutions for Northern California and Nevada clients since 1972.  In addition to an extensive background in sensors and applications, value added services are available from Call Associates that include design, programming and start-up testing services.

Our mission is to locate the items our customers are interested in for the best possible price.

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Product Lines

  • Minature Photoelectric
  • Compact Photoelectric
  • Midsize Photoelectric
  • Fullsize Photoelectric
  • Laser
  • Ultrasonic
  • Fiber Optic
  • Part-Sensing
  • Measuring Array
  • Slot Sensor
  • Analog Output
  • Temperature
  • Light Guaging
  • Sensor Accessories
Machine Safety
  • Safety Light Screens
  • Safety Interlocking Switches
  • Safety Modules & Controllers
  • Emergency Stop Devices
  • Fiber Optic Safety Systems
  • Machine Safety Accessories
Vision Sensors & Vision Lighting